Need instant help? Notify people around you

Need instant help? Notify people around you

SaveSoul is an SOS app that enables you to seek help during times of physical danger or medical emergency from people around you at the exact moment when you need it.

How SaveSoul Works?

SaveSoul is building a global community of people who like to be the change they want to see. In today’s world we see that a lot of people are only social media warriors but when it comes to helping someone in real, they are found wanting. SaveSoul is a way by which everyone can actually contribute to this world by really helping someone in need.


Are you in danger?

Walking down the road and someone is accosting you? Or do you have a medical emergency and need help?


Broadcast your location

As soon as you press the SOS button, people around your current location will be notified that you need help


People come for your help

Having received your SOS, people follow an inbuilt navigation map on SaveSoul and are guided to your location to help you

Be our Founding Member. Sign up for our Beta

Let’s change this world together. And when we say change, we literally mean it. Let’s not just talk but also do. Sign up for our Beta app launch and help us make SaveSoul better. We would love to hear your feedback

Join The SaveSoul Community

Be the change you want to see. Join the SaveSoul community and help others when they are in need. You never know, in the future it can be your dear ones who might need help from someone else in the community.

Just liking a post on social media isn’t helping. Helping in real is actually helping.

Imagine your sister or brother is walking home from work and she is accosted by some goons on the road. She tries to walk faster to avoid them, she tries to seek help from people nearby, but there is no one around. If you were there, you would have jumped first hand onto the scene to help your little sibling. But unfortunately, you can’t be at all places at all times. But what if, what if there are a few good Samaritans who are in the area and would no doubt go to help.

And that is what we are trying to solve through SaveSoul, an app which is building a global community of people where one can seek help or help others in need.

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What People Are Saying

More and more citizens are concerned about the safety situation that is prevalent in our cities. Crime rates have been on the rise and they feel that SaveSoul is a great initiative to not only fight crime but also help people in their overall well-being.

It’s the best insurance anyone can have

Help delayed can be help denied. There are situations in life when you need help at that instant & even a little delay can be a matter of life and death. SaveSoul’s concept of connecting to people around you is really revolutionary

Shona S, Entrepreneur

I will feel much safer with SaveSoul

Being an independent working woman, quite often I travel alone at different times of the day for different meetings at different places. Having SaveSoul will definitely make me more secure and it feels like an invisible bodyguard 24/7

Savitha N, Success Coach

A real community with real people

I was getting tired of all the social media posts by people looking for publicity rather than with a genuine desire to help someone in need. SaveSoul is our best chance to prove that we can actually help in real-time to make a difference in someone’s life

Urmila B, Entrepreneur

Why We Started SaveSoul?

The idea is to build a community where everyone is emphatic to other’s problems and help each other when in need. There is no doubt that our government is working hard to keep us safe. But it’s the people around us who can keep us safer.

If it is our own mother or a dear one who is stranded on the road and is asking for help, we would want everyone to stop and help. But if it’s someone else’s we tend to ignore it and think that someone else will eventually go to help. We at SaveSoul want to change that. The only way it is possible is by being more empathetic and by putting ourselves into the other person’s shoes.

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Gaurav Bora, Founder
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